I have been working from home for over ten years. At first, I was working from home two days a week. Now, I am at home the majority of the time. The one thing that happens when you work from home is that you tend to start slacking on your appearance (or it just happened to my friends and me). My everyday outfit became a sweater or cardigan, tank top, and sweat pants. I think I had a variety of gray sweatpants. Before working from home all the time, I would always wear makeup even if it was a little bit of lipstick and doing my eyebrows. Makeup was nonexistent. I would put makeup on if I had to go anywhere outside of running errands. My hair was also a disaster. Believe me, you don’t know what hot mess is until you saw me working from home.

I realized that it had to stop. I needed to get out of my sweatpants outfit, put some makeup on, and make an effort to do something with my hair. Even if I was working home where no one but my kids and dogs would see me, I still needed to put an effort to look presentable. I went to the store and got some simple makeup that I can put on every day. I also made sure to start doing my hair every day. I got rid of all but two sweatpants (they are cute or are I am not willing to let go of them entirely).

Making sure that I at least put some effort into my appearance has also helped me internally. Now that I feel that I am looking good, I now feel better emotionally.

Even if you are working from home, you should look in a way that makes you feel good. Looking presentable isn’t for anyone else but you, and believe me, it will help you feel good inside as well. You will pass the mirror and smile at yourself instead of thinking, “Damn girl, it’s time to do something with your hair.”

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