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Hi everybody.  Welcome back to my channel. Hopefully, everybody is having a good festival holiday season so far. So one thing that happened to me that I’m super excited about was that I believe since Friday, I barely slept, and it’s because the baby has a cold. Furthermore, when you’re a baby, I never really thought about it until now.

Nevertheless, when you’re a baby, you don’t know you don’t blow your nose, or you can’t blow your nose as we do. So it’s uncomfortable for him. I’m so that’s what we’ve been dealing with, but yesterday he felt better. Thus, I was able to sleep for seven hours. So I feel much better today, but I was feeling kind of, uh, probably feel like a walking zombie. And then, all of a sudden, I get an email welcoming me as an alumni. 

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And so that means I’m almost there, everybody. One more week, one week, I finished the last case study that I had to do. I’m working on my final paper and working on our presentation that we’re doing next week, and I am officially done. Furthermore, I’m so, so excited. So I did gift guy for remote workers. And so this video is going to be all about what is specifically for online students. So you might have to refer to like the more overall cause I did a more comprehensive gift guide because I think a lot of it does overlap with online students. This is what I, as an online student, would love to get as a gift. The other thing that I’ll show you in this video, and it’s going to be the first thing that I’m going to show you, is that I just got a gift from my school. 

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I go to James Madison University, and I just got a gift. So I was going to show you what they sent me. I have no idea. Other items, because they sent us, like a care package earlier this year, probably like in the summer. Moreover, that was sweet. , so I’ll also show you the items that I got during that, but for those that don’t know me, my name is Shevonne, and I do management productivity and organizational videos. I’m also doing videos for online students because that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two years. So I, too, do those videos as well. If you like those types of videos, please consider subscribing to hitting that notification bell. And with that, let’s go ahead and get started. Let me go ahead and show you what I got. I just got the box, and I just grabbed them from downstairs before starting this video. So let’s see what’s in here. 

Shevonne: (02:47)

Furthermore, I didn’t even talk about this in the remote gift guide, but this is cool. If you all can see that it can be a screen cleaner, it can be a screen protector, which I’m probably going to use it like that also screen cleaner. For some reason, this it’s on my laptop always get dirty and also a mouse pad. How nice is that? It’s so cool. I didn’t even know that they had things like this. So that’s the first thing that I got. 

Shevonne: (03:16)

Let me see. Ooh, 

Shevonne: (03:20)

A coffee mug. Okay. That is nice. I’m definitely going to be using this. I’m probably going to use it more as like for my tea or drinking coffee at home because, uh, I have like, I use the Contigo ones for coffee and that’s because when I’m grabbing my coffee mug, I have the car seat. I have a bunch of things that I’m carrying. So I like the fact that the Contigo I can lock it, but this one’s cool. And I’ll be using it for tea in the house. So that’s nice. 

Shevonne: (03:52)

Look at that. That is so nice. Oh, that is so nice. I love this. I have another one, but this one is so much more it’s nicer. It has a pouch in the front. And then a notebook. And then, so you can put like business cards. Alternatively, you can put an ID. I’ll probably just use it. I’ll you know, I carry my ID on my phone. I have a phone wallet. And then another pouch. Okay. This I’m going to use when I have to go to a client’s site next year. If we get the vaccine, then I can use this to take. That’s nice. Oh, that’s so sweet. 

Shevonne: (04:46)

Yeah, I’ll save that one for later. , so this, I don’t know what this is. I’m not sure what this is. Oh, I guess this is to put cards. I don’t know why. I didn’t think about that before, but I think putting cards is nice if I worked in an office, but here I can use them. , you know, Hey, I’ll use like, I’ll, I’ll find a way to use it. I can even put pictures here. This would be good to put the baby picture or something. It’s adorable. 

Shevonne: (05:20)

A business card holder and it has like a sticker on the back. So then you’re able to like, paste it somewhere. So that’s good. 

Shevonne: (05:29)

Cute. Let me see what this is. Ooh. A pen. 

Shevonne: (05:34)

So it seems like they must have like to watch my remote gift giving because this is much stuff that I said you would need. 

Shevonne: (05:42)

So that is a nice pen it up. Oh, I love it. Oh, that’s so cool. Okay. 

Shevonne: (05:48)

Okay. So this is nice. It has three USBs. Oh, that is nice. I’m definitely going to use this because here I already have like the, like those plugs that already have the USB, but this is nice for downstairs, like in the kitchen. Cause I have a plug there to it. Yeah. I have phone chargers everywhere. Thus, in the kitchen, this would be nice because then I can have multiple, especially like one thing that I bought myself was a Kindle fire. After all, I usually have the iPad in my room, and then the Kindle fire up here. So this can also like to charge my phone and the Kindle. That is nice. And then, oops. Oh, I guess the pen came in here, and I accidentally dropped it when I was opening. Oh, that’s so nice. I love this. And then the last thing is, and it came in our school colors. 

Shevonne: (06:38)

Oh, that’s so sweet. Congratulations on the MBA class of 2020. Oh, my God. This is so nice. I can’t believe I’m almost done. 

Shevonne: (07:34)

I am so happy that I picked James Madison university to do my MBA program because there were other schools that I was considering. And I’m thrilled that I went with James Madison. You could tell they care about their students. 

Shevonne: (08:28)

Thank you to everyone at James Madison University in the business school. Thank you for the gifts. I appreciated it. , it, really, really was lovely. Now I wish I would have just waited and left and put it on under the Christmas tree, but I want to thank you again. The other things that I’ve gotten to are that this is from like in the summer they gave us an eyeglass cleaner, which I always need. Cause my eyeglasses always get like super like smushed up. So it has a spray, and then it also comes its cleaner. So I’m using this thing all the time. It’s in my little organizer that I have my desk organizer. And then this is, I think this is so cute, like this, like small clips and then the magnets. So this is cute. , and then the other things they’ve given us is, like they gave us like this cute little JMU mug, like a long one. So I use that for tea as well. They also gave us, and this was on the first day, let me grab it. 

Shevonne: (09:48)

Thank you. 

Shevonne: (09:49)

Gave us. And I use this all the time. , this bag with the, where it says MBA and then James Madison. So seriously, I love James Madison. So for the online student, as I said, it’s very similar to the remote worker, but there are some additional items that I think would be great for an online student. So I had to take a break because my battery died. So first, get five recommend. It’s a stylus pen. Tablets are great for online students.

Moreover, if you have an iPad, then probably the Apple pencil because it’s made for the iPad, and the reason I say that is I have seen some YouTubers who use the tablet to make their notes. And it’s so much easier than trying to sit there and tap on the tablet or buying like that external keyboard. You can just use a pen or pencil and just write your notes. 

Shevonne: (10:44)

And some get fancy with it pretty, notes. , but for me, just nitty-gritty, it’s writing down the notes. And so that is a great tool to have, is having that stylus pen. The other that I recommend is a smartpen. So the first time I saw him was at my previous job, there was one of my, one of my coworkers. She had one, and I thought it was such a fantastic thing to have. And I’m thinking of getting one right now. I’m going to probably get it next year because I feel like I’ve spent too much. And so definitely, that is on my gift guide for next year for me. But I think it’s excellent, and they’ve improved throughout the years because last year I also wanted to get one as well, but then I waited, and I noticed that they’re improving, and then it just translates it to the app of that smartpen. So definitely consider investing in a smartpen, something else that is great for an online student. And I left off the remote gift guide is a water bottle. A water bottle is 

Shevonne: (11:42)

A great 

Shevonne: (11:44)

The reason is that if you’re busy working or you’re busy studying, you’re going to forget to do something like eating and drinking water. And so that is a good thing to have as a water bottle next to you. So you’re drinking the best ones to get are the big ones. So I don’t see mine here. I don’t know where it is, but I have one from the hospital when my daughter was giving birth. And it’s enormous. And so then I know that by the time I finished that water bottle, I’ve drunk 32 ounces. And if I drink two, then that’s 64 ounces, which is more than enough water throughout the day. So you want to keep hydrated. And that is always good to have next to you is a water bottle. So I mentioned headsets in the remote guide, but headphones are nice to have, especially the Bluetooth ones. So the ones that I have, I initially have the M pals, and I still use them for downstairs when I’m working out. And then I got AirPods because I got my daughter a math book for school. And one of the things that were, the promotion was you got free air pods. So those air pads were adorable as well. And so definitely having headphones are always good because you can listen to music while you’re 

Shevonne: (12:59)

We’re studying or trying to do homework or write a huge paper, or you. 

Shevonne: (13:05)

Can have them for if you’re in, in class, and then you have a bunch of noise happening in the background. You have those headphones on when we’re able to become more mobile and go to coffee shops and libraries and those types of places. Again, one thing that is good also to have is a portable charger. Sometimes you go to those places, and they have like one or two outlets. And of course, they’re far away from where you are. Everybody is cramming to get those outlets. So you’re not having to worry about that, get yourself a portable charger, and not worry about having to fight for those two outlets that they have at those places. So definitely, a portable charger is a must. Also, when you have a portable charger is, you can also use it for traveling. I use my portable charger for traveling all the time. 

Shevonne: (13:58)

So that’s something that is always a good thing to have for multiple reasons. A good gift as well for an online student is having one of those portable laptop desks. So I have one that I got from, I believe I got it from my son from, I think it was Amazon, or I used to have one from Ikea. And I think I got him one from Amazon, and I took ownership of it because he wasn’t using it anymore, but it’s excellent because if they’re on the couch or wherever they’re at, or even in bed, they can have the portable desk on top of them. And then you don’t have to worry about the laptop heating up, and then you’re overly hot. I don’t know if that happens to you, but for someone like me, who’s always cold. It happens. And so then it’s still good to have that portable desk because it protects you from that heat and then you also can use a mouse. 

Shevonne: (14:55)

If you have one that pads like a little extension for you to place your mouse, you can also have a mouse. Okay. So I talked about my love for stationery and pens, but I was also obsessed with sticky notes. I love sticky notes. I love the pads. I love the ones you can use to take notes or put, having, like putting different sections in your notebook. So sticky notes are always right to have. I have two here that I can show you. So these are good because I use these for my daily to-do. So I can quickly write that to-do list on here. And then this is something that I use in college a lot. And it’s adorable. So you put paste this on the page of, like, say, the chapter you’re studying. 

Shevonne: (15:51)

That’s how I used it. You can then quickly put an outline of that chapter for you to know, like what’s in that era in part of the notes you’re doing, and then you can put these taps out. So I love this, I got this, I get many things from Amazon, but I also get many things from Target, but I like these, but yeah, sticky notes and pads of all type. They’re great for an online student. And believe me, I have used plenty in my time, and I got this for school, but one thing I love, I use a lot of Google products, but a Chromecast. I got the Chromecast because when I would be in the living room, I wasn’t able to cast my screen on the TV. And even though the TV set, it had its like Bluetooth, like screen mirroring. 

Shevonne: (16:41)

It did not work. So I got a Chromecast, and that thing has been a lifesaver because what I can do is I can cast the professor’s presentation. And then while that is going on on the TV, I can have my notebook, and I can take notes because I don’t know if I’ve ever said it. I think I sit in one of the comments, but if you let’s say you’re not in the meeting, it will have like a little indicator to let the professor know that you’re not paying attention. And I did not realize that until we had to do a presentation. Then, one of the people in my cohort was like, why are we not paying attention, Shevonne? And then that’s when we found out that it has an indicator. So that Chromecast is an excellent way to listen to the professor while you’re taking notes. 

Shevonne: (17:28)

I think all of us use smartphones at this point. Maybe the majority, I will not say everybody, the majority. So you can use the recorder on your phone, but being that we are all online. I know that my professors record the meetings, and believe me; he wants to have them record the classes. I mean, because just like now, I had a, uh, a case that I had to analyze. I think I listened to last week’s class three times to make sure that I could get everything the professor wanted. And hopefully, I get an on that cause I spent much time on it, but that is always good is to have a recorder of some type. If the professor is not recording the class, you want to have something, either your phone or external recorder. You can have that as well. 

Shevonne: (18:25)

And there are snacks, subscription boxes. Definitely like if you’re someone who likes to snack, then do that as well. Like another thing that I would say is if you can afford it, or as I said, this is a gift. Have someone gift you a subscription to, like a personal trainer doing fitness classes. My nephew does that, and I did it with him and my knees. It got me back into exercising. So for a college student, that would be good. So another good gift is those phone sanitizers. That would also be a good gift because we are always frequently on our phones, especially if you are an online student. After all, as I said, if you are listening to a class on your laptop and you don’t have a Chromecast or a casting type of tool, then you can have your phone to make the notes. Or if, you know, you want to check something quickly. But, definitely, a phone sanitizer because you are on your phone a lot. But yeah, those are the extra gifts outside of the remote working because, as I said, the remote worker gift guide, it does like kind of overlap with the student one, but these are the additional gifts that I would give an online student. 

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