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Last Day in Toronto – Kensington Market and Chinatown

Kensington Market

Our last day in Toronto.  We were bummed because we had a great time as a family exploring the city and Niagara Falls.  The first and second days were filled with memories, but we were also tired.  My sister, nephew, and dad had to be out of the Airbnb by 11AM, and we had to check out of our hotel by 12PM.  We decided because it was going to be a relaxing day to get some Dim Sum.  The Toronto Marathon was happening on the street my hotel is at, but luckily, there is a back street that we were able to take. 

Rosewood Chinese Cuisine

We took an Uber to Chinatown to get dim sum at Rosewood Chinese Cuisine.  In DC, you have to line up for sometimes hours to get dim sum.  It was nice that we were quickly seated.  We got tea and got to ordering.  Everything that we ordered was delicious.  We especially liked the shu mai.  They were so big and yummy.  It was nice to eat delicious food with family.  

Kensington Market

The one place that we still needed to visit was Kensington Market.  We walked there from the restaurant.  I also told my family that we were going to do a mini food crawl (I love food!).  Everyone loved this part of Toronto.  It has colorful, cute shops and everyone was walking around with their dogs. 

We also loved that there was cuisine from different countries there. For our food crawl, we ate items like empanadas, poutine, sweets.

Moo Frites

I had seen this restaurant on YouTube, and I liked that they have the classic poutine but also experimental flavors. We got the classic poutine and kimchi poutine. They were both amazing. One moment I thought I preferred the classic, but then I’d take a bite of the kimchi, and like that one. It was so good.

I am addicted to coffee, but I knew we had to head back to the hotel to get our luggage. My sister pointed and said, “What about getting coffee there?”

Hanabusa Cafe

When I turned around, I was so excited to see that it was a Japanese Pancake shop. I have been seeing them on YouTube and wanted to check them out for myself. The coffee was also delicious. We then got the pancakes, and they were so delicate and yummy. I was glad that I was able to taste them.

Goodbye Toronto

After another great day together, we got on the plane and headed home. If you ever go to Toronto, please check out some of the places I recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

I use TripAdvisor to plan my trips (I am not sponsored by them). In March, I am heading to Japan with my MBA cohort, and I have already created a shell to start planning when it gets closer to the date. Please check out my Toronto itinerary there as well.

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