I took a day off around the 4th of July time.  It felt good to take that day off, but I need to take off more than a week.  One of my projects is ending next Tuesday, so I scheduled to take a week off. However, the client wants a new project to start right away, so I had to put that time off on hold temporarily for later in August. What do you do when you cannot take time off that you need and are on the brink of job burnout?   Mini vacations throughout the week and weekend can help you hang in there until you can go on vacation.  Here are some of the ways I am battling chronic job stress.

Work Outside

If you have an outside space, then take your work outside. It will help stop the feeling of being cooped up because you’re not inside the house.  If you live in the country or suburbs, then you can enjoy the trees around you.   If you are in the city, then get some plants or succulents if you don’t have a green thumb.

Reduce Your Access to Technology on the Weekends

On the weekends, I have started shutting off my phone and not being always on social media sites.  I am not continually hearing bad news or looking at others’ “perfect lives” and focusing on myself and loved ones.  Take a scenic drive.  I did that a couple of weeks ago, and it was beautiful. A plus was that there were barely any cars out and about.  This weekend I am going to do the same. 

Lay Down and Take a 20-Minute Power Nap

My home office is in my bedroom.  In between meetings, I will lay down on my bed even for a minute and just rest my mind.  If I am super tired, then I will take a quick 20-minute nap.  It helps to feel refresh and rested.

Eat Lunch Someplace Else

Before the pandemic, I was able to run quick errands and get outside.  Now, I do not have that luxury.  Therefore, I have stopped eating lunch in front of my laptop.  I will eat in the eating room, deck, or living room with one of my teens.  It helps to have a nice lunch without looking at the laptop screen and seeing a Teams message or email pop up.

Quick Workouts

I bought a Bowflex MaxTrainer in May because I don’t see myself going to the gym until 2021. We now have a mini gym that we have access to while we watch TV or listen to music.  This has been great because during the lunch hour, I will exercise for 30 minutes, and that helps get that endorphin high.

These are the way that I am getting these mini-vacations in while I can get the time to take a longer one.  It helps to recharge and not experience burnout.

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