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Mood Trackers Can Help You Realize It’s Not a Bad Life

mood tracker to realize you do not have a bad life

Everyone has a rough day.  It is something that is unavoidable because life is not predictable.  If life was a line, it would probably be a bunch of squiggly lines that will eventually become a tangled mess.  During a period of time when there is an increase in bad days, you might feel like you have a bad life. However, this is usually not the case.  I have started realizing this after going through a rough patch. My therapist suggested that I track my mood.  When I feel that things are not going well, I can look at my mood history and see if it’s a bad life or just a temporary state.  I decided to give it a try.  She told me that there are apps out there to help track your mood (there are apps for everything!). 

When I got home, I downloaded a few that had good ratings.  After awhile, I removed all but two  — MoodPath and Daylio.  I used them for a month and eventually decided on Daylio. 


MoodPath is great for those who want a detailed analysis of their mood.  This is a good path for those who are suffering from depression and/or anxiety.  In the morning, the app asks a set of questions.  After that, it will ask how your overall mood is.  Later on during the day, MoodPath will do the same.  This is helpful to see if your mood is the same as it was in the morning. It has a great user interface and it’s easy to use. 

moodpath mood tracker


Daylio is a more simplistic mood tracker.  It will just ask how you are feeling once a day without the questions that MoodPath asks.  It does the same as MoodPath that it will ask what Activities you did that day. The reason I decided on Daylio because I just wanted to track my mood.  I write in my diary regularly, and I did not want to have a second level of tracking. 

daylio mood tracker

Both apps are great and it’s really dependent on your preference and where you currently are in life.  The benefit of having a Mood Tracker is that you can see the statistics and realize that you were not sad or angry for an extended period of time.  It’s only a bad temporary time. 

For those who are having a longer time feeling bad, it will help you realize that you need additional assistance in resolving your depression.  I have told my daughter to start tracking her mood because she is suffering from depression and anxiety.  For her, I recommended MoodPath because she needs a deeper understanding of what is triggering her anxiety during the day. 

Everyone should track their mood and these apps can help you do that.

mood tracker

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