Sundays are my days to recharge. With chaffering my kids around (have I said how I can’t wait for my son to get his license?), managing three projects, working on my MBA, and launching a podcast, I need one day not to do much of anything. Sundays are low-key days to relax with the family, drink wine while watching a movie (even a bad one), and dim the lights a bit to relax my mind.

Here are eight things that I do on Sundays to be mentally prepared for the upcoming week:

  1. Meditate – I have the Calm app, and I always make an effort to meditate in the morning and give thanks to being here another week
  2. Week in Review – I review how the past week went and what I can do to continue reaching my goals
  3. Plan Upcoming Week – Look at my calendar and see what is coming up this week, and create my master weekly to-do list
  4. Grocery Shopping – I pick up my groceries at Harris Teeter, so I usually do my grocery shopping on Saturdays, and then pick them up on Sundays 
  5. Brunch with Friends – It’s always nice to have brunch with friends on a Sunday.  It starts off the week in the right way
  6. Read a Book and/or Play a Video Game – Today I played Red Dead Redemption 2 and it was nice to play.  I also listened to an audiobook in the car while I drove my son to a Merit Badge class 
  7. Walk the Dogs for a Little Longer – I usually walk the dogs on the weekends for an extra-long time.  Today was a beautiful day, so we had a nice stroll 
  8. Read PostSecret – It’s been a Sunday tradition for me. I lay in bed and read the Sunday secrets

What are the things you like to do on a Sunday?

Featured Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

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