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What I Carry in My Backpack When Go to Work

carry in backpack in dc

Today I am at the client site so I have my backpack.  I have to bring a bunch of stuff because I am 1 ½ hours from my house (DC traffic is awful.  It should take 35 minutes, but I take the metro to avoid going crazy in the car).  Here is what is in my bag:

  • Laptop – When I come to the client site, I prefer to bring the laptop that they provided. I leave my company laptop at home
  • Mouse – If I didn’t have a mouse to navigate my laptop’s screen, I would be one frustrated lady
  • Swell Bottle  – One of my team members told me about Swell for her coffee, and I got one myself.  A coffee mug would probably spill everywhere on the metro.  My Swell bottle keeps my coffee hot, and I don’t have to worry about it spilling
  • CamelBak Bottle – I’ve had this CamelBak water bottle for four years.  I take it everywhere
  • Phone Charger – I use my phone to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music on the metro. If my team is not here, I use it in the office as well.  I need the phone charger to make sure I can use my phone on the way back home
  • Lipsticks – I always carry lipstick with me to reapply
  • Work Shoes – I’ve had family members who have needed foot surgery cause they wore high heels all the time. I know how long it takes to heal, so I prefer to take care of my feet.  I always wear sneakers or comfortable flats on the metro.  I then carry my work shoes in my backpack.
  • Pen – Pen to takes notes in meetings or jot down reminders
  • Paper – Paper to hold the notes
  • Glasses – So I am able to read without having to squint
  • Headphones – For the metro and if I am alone in the office

What do you carry in your bag for work or school?


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