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Using GitHub to Share What I’m Learning in Azure

In this video, I will show how I’m using GitHub to share what I am learning in Azure. GitHub is a popular online platform that allows developers to collaborate and share their work. By utilizing GitHub, you can showcase your Azure-related projects, contributions, and insights, allowing others to learn from your experiences and gain a better understanding of this cloud computing platform.

Is Project Management a Dying Career? Evolution or Extinction?

Project management is adapting, not dying. AI and automation aid, but cannot replace, the human element in managing complex projects. With the rise of agile methods, project managers must develop new skills, such as data literacy and a deep understanding of their industry. Future project managers will likely work more flexibly, on a project-to-project basis, and use data analytics for strategic decision-making. Continuous learning and adaption are key to staying relevant in the evolving project management field.

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