Hi everyone! Welcome to my site! 

I am a Business & Productivity Coach helping busy professionals have their dream careers and be more productive to have a healthy work/life balance. 

For over ten years, I have worked in a leadership position in the IT consulting space. My recent experience has been in Azure and Salesforce infrastructure projects. Before that, I worked as a Business Analyst and Technical Writer.  

In December 2020, I got my MBA in Information Security. I am proud of this achievement. This was during a pandemic, with a demanding job as a Program Manager and raising my grandbaby.   

My family and friends have always been shocked how I could achieve my career goals while being a single mother of two children who are now young adults. When my daughter became a pre-teen, she was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). We were in different mental health treatments for over six years, including in-patient treatment, trauma-focused therapy, family therapy, etc. She became a chronic runaway, so we dealt with the CHINS program. Having a child with ODD was hard, especially when nothing seems to work. I knew that I need to remain strong for my other child and her. 

In 2019, I had a huge surprise when my daughter told me that she was pregnant. A roller coaster of emotions happened, but I knew that I had to be supportive in the end. Eventually, she decided that she couldn’t be a parent at the moment, so I decided to raise my grandson. I am glad that she is now going to community college and is working part-time. I learned patience and resilience.

Throughout all of this, I had coworkers, family, friends, and people who reached out asking me for career advice and how I could continue succeeding with these trials and tribulations. I have always been someone who loves to help others, so I tried offering my advice.  

I am now getting my coaching certification to be a better coach to help others reach their career goals or be here to listen.

Please reach out to say hi, and I hope to share what I have learned and experienced.