How I Use Google Calendar to be Extra Productive

Hi everyone. So I want to do a video on the ways that I use Google calendar. I have everything in Google Calendar. If I don’t have this calendar near me and on my phone, I don’t know what’s going on, and I will double book triple book myself. One thing that I did was that I have calendars for the different areas of my life. I try to have them mirror my life categories, but as you see, I do have some that span out of that life category. For example, I have one for my son, my daughter, and one for both of them.

I also have calendars that I subscribed to. For instance, I have one for Trello, Notion, TripIt, and Canvas.
I also have a Microsoft Flow, which is like IFTTT, to create a copy of the meeting invites in Microsoft Outlook to Google Calendar.

I like that you can use IFTTT or Zapier with Google Calendar to add even more automation in your life. Additionally, I love that I can use my Google Home to continue being extra productive.
I also like that I can see reminders from Google Keep.

Let me know what calendar you use. Do you use Outlook? Do you use Google Calendar? Maybe another one?

I did take a hiatus because my grandson was born. I was helping my daughter to, you know, with taking care of him. The first two weeks of postpartum, some for some majority of women, it kind of sucks. So I wanted to give her that extra help. Talk to you soon!

be productive using google calendar
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