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Six Reasons Projects Fail

Video Transcript Hello, everyone; hopefully, you had a wonderful week. My name is Shevonne. And I talk about productivity, work/life balance, and what I have learned throughout my career, especially now as a program manager slash project manager. So I wanted to talk about why projects fail. Yes, projects fail. You’ll probably have a project […]

Picking the Right Planner for You – Paper Planner, Digital Planner, PM Tool?

Video Transcript 00:05Hi, everyone; hopefully, you have a wonderful start to your week. My name is Shevonne. And if you don’t know, I focus on talking about productivity, time management, organization, work/life balance. In general, everybody’s work/life balance is different. So I try to cover topics that will make you think of what works and […]

POMODORO TECHNIQUE – Different Time Intervals to Boost Your Productivity – 25, 15, 50

Video Transcript Hi, everyone; hopefully, you’re having a wonderful November; if you celebrate Halloween, hopefully, you got lots of candy or just sat there and just watched horror films, whatever you wanted to do. I’m hoping that you had a wonderful time. So today, I wanted to talk about the different Pomodoro intervals. The default […]

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