Switching to Taskade to Manage My Projects

I wanted to do an update on Taskade. Recently, I decided to switch to Taskade because they have improved the project management tool. They’ve added a lot of functionality. It definitely competes with Trello, Asana, Monday, and all the other project management tools out there.


Taskade uses projects. Within each project, you can actually have it to create a list, like have it in list form. I like the way the list looks as well. You can actually also have it as a board. This reminds me very similar to Notion. You could just have it in a more table format. It’s easier to enter the information and see it in one area.

They also have a mind map and org chart. You can definitely decide how you want to have it. The other thing is that this reminds me of also Notion; you can select a little icon. If you go to Project Settings, you can choose one of the colors or upload your own image. And then one thing, if you are collaborating with other people, you can actually enable the chat. And then also allow comments too. You can also have an overall due date, assign it to someone, and add tags.

Customize Individual Blocks

The other thing that I really like as well, I haven’t seen any of the other ones do this, is if I go here, you can select the way your block will be. So they call it a “block.” You can even change it if you want and change the format. i

In Asana and Trello, you can have different cards and then add people to the other items in the checklist. And so what I did was I created a template. I’ll just do the podcast, the template with all those things that I wanted to check off. You can also sync it to your calendar, as you see here. If you’re going to add a due date, I usually like the actual one because I can see better.

Due Dates for Individual Items

You can have due dates for the individual items, which is also very useful for working with a team. It reminds me of a combination of Notion and Asana/Trello. You could tell that those are the ones I’ve mainly used.

Roadmap View

You can even have a Roadmap view. I know that you have to pay extra for some of the project management tools for this. So I think that’s pretty cool that they give you this.

One thing to note, you have to pay for each individual workspace. So just be mindful of that. If you thought it would be like Asana, you could have different projects grouped in different workspaces that you have to pay extra for. Be mindful that if you want to create a new workspace, you could also select people on your team.

I have a virtual assistant, which is my daughter. And so I’ve added her so she can start helping out. You can have people on your team access your projects or individual projects. Taskade has really improved.

Phone Widgets

Taskade has an iPhone widget if you love widgets, which is important to me.

Sync to Calendars

They also sync calendars. I currently have it synced to my Google calendar.

Nest Projects

I forgot to say before that you can actually embed projects within another project. It helps have the same feel of Trello and Asana where you have a card, and then you have different things to check off. You can embed projects into other ones. I also love that it has different views. I believe it has more views than other project management tools that I’ve tried out.

Template Gallery

There is a Template Gallery with a lot of templates. So you don’t have to start from scratch all the time. They only allow you to import from Trello and Markdown. They’re working on importing the other project management tools or task management tools you use. I was able to get these records into Taskade by doing a two-way sync to Trello, and then from Trello, I got it synced to Taskade. So that helped to get these items in there. There are going to be new ones in the future.

If you are a project management person working on sensitive data like PHI, I would not recommend using these tools. However, if you are working on more commercial projects, I definitely think that Taskade is good for project managers.

I am creating a group coaching program for getting into project management. A lot of people have asked me for. So definitely be on the lookout for that.

Taskade has become my project management tool of choice for my non-9-to-5 projects.  It has a lot of features that I love from other PM tools like Asana, Trello, and Notion.
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