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Toronto Day 2 Itinerary: Niagara Falls and 360 Restaurant

toronto itinerary niagara falls

We went to bed early on Friday (Please check out the itinerary for our first day in Toronto) because we knew we had to wake up around 6:30 a.m. to make sure we get on the

We went to bed early on Friday because we knew we had to wake up around 6:30AM to make sure we make the bus for our tour. After doing some research, I decided to go with Niagara Day Tour. They had good reviews, and they said that the tour should take nine hours. We should be back in Toronto by 6:00PM, so I made our dinner reservations at 8:30PM. There were a few reviews that said they arrived later than they thought back in Toronto, so I thought that gave us a buffer.

Niagara Falls

niagara falls with teen

The ride to Niagara Falls was uneventful, and the tour guide/driver was friendly and comical. When we got to Niagara Falls, it was still cold, but the sun was out in all its glory, so it quickly warmed up. It did not feel like it was 50 degrees, more like 70. The tour guide said we had 3 1/2 hours there, and he recommended that we go to the Hornblower Cruise right away. We put our ponchos on and got on the boat. It was pretty packed when we got on, but we were lucky to find a perfect spot on the top. It was amazing. We passed the US waterfall, and then we got to the Canadian waterfall. Wow! That is the best way to describe this wonder.

After the Hornblower Cruise, we walked to the Table Rock Welcome Centre to do the Behind the Falls tour. I saw it in my research, and you through some tunnels under the waterfalls. This was when we learned about the seven-year-old boy who survived falling down the Horseshoe waterfalls. I searched for the story afterward, and it seems mysterious. He and his 17-year-old sister were with a man (not their dad) who took them on a boat. He lost control, and they fell overboard. The man died, his sister also fell and landed on the US side, and the boy on the Canadian side. I have so many questions. Who was this man? Why were the two kids terrified to ever speak about that day? If anyone knows more about this story, please leave a comment below. 

We were hungry and had only an hour left to get back on the shuttle. I quickly pulled up Yelp and saw that the Table Rock House Restaurant had great reviews. We went upstairs and were quickly sat down where we had the most amazing view of the falls. My sister told the waitress that we only had 45 minutes, and she promised to have us out in time. Everyone loved their food. I had one of the best burgers I have ever had in my entire life. It was so delicious. I am glad that we were able to be sat down.

Look how perfect the view is!
Table Rock House Restaurant waterfall view
Table Rock House Restaurant Burger

We got back on the shuttle. He bypassed a couple of places and took us to the Gorge. It was nice. I saw a gondola crossing the Gorge. As someone who is afraid of heights, I would be terrified, but I’d still do it. If I had the time, I would have done it.

After that, we headed to a winery. I learned about Ice Wine. It’s super expensive because it takes 4000 frozen grapes to make 250ML of wine. It was one of the sweetest wines I had ever tasted. My back was in so much pain at that point. Since I was a little girl, I’ve had back issues. When I walk too long, my back starts hurting horribly. We proceeded to Niagara-By-The-Lake. They had shuttles to the town, so we took it. While we were there, we ate gelato and looked around. I was stressed because it was already 4:30PM. It didn’t help that the shuttle driver said Toronto had the worst traffic in the NorthEast. He was right. We didn’t get back to Toronto until after 7:15PM. I had made the dinner reservations at 8:30PM. Thankful that I did. There was one couple who had a dinner cruise starting at 6:30PM. They missed it. I left a review to the company saying that they should put a disclaimer that there is a possibility that we won’t arrive by 6PM or skip some spots. We could have skipped the winery.

Back in Toronto!

360 Restaurant at CN Tower

We quickly got back to the hotel and got ready to head to the restaurant. One of the items on my bucket list was eating at a rotating restaurant. The 360 Restaurant at CN Tower is a rotating restaurant, and afterward, you can go to the observation deck. We got on the elevator and saw the city while we were heading up. We were seated, and it was such a memorable experience. The restaurant went around faster than we thought, and we were able to do a full rotation. The food was delicious. We all did the three-course meal. I had the seafood chowder, duck, and ice cream/cookies. All three dishes were fantastic, especially the duck. After that, we went to the observation deck. I thought I could stand entirely on the see-through walkway, but I only stepped a tiny bit. It was really cool, though. We then headed back down.

birthday at 360 restaurant at cn tower


After dinner, we headed to the night club to continue the celebration. I decided on Cube. The customer service in this place was outstanding. When I made the table reservation, they answered all of my questions. They even confirmed a few days before we arrived. I was already pleased with the process. We got to the table, and everyone was nice and attentive. Everyone had a blast. I barely go out anymore, so I will admit that I did take a quick nap. The days when I used to party until 6AM are long and gone. They closed earlier than we thought, but I was glad because I was tired.

We made it! Sunday was our last day in Toronto. Will post what we did that day next!

niagara falls itinerary

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