Lists can help in many ways.  It can keep you on track with getting things done throughout the day.  You can also use them to keep track of things you want to do sooner or later.  Lists can also help to make sure you pack everything for your vacation and don’t leave anything behind.  Here are some of the lists I have created, and many of them I continue to create.  Please share which lists you create that I didn’t name.

  1. Daily To-Do List
  2. Master Weekly To-Do List
  3. Goal Tracker
  4. Water Log
  5. Places I Want to Travel
  6. Restaurants I Want to Try
  7. Concerts I Want to Attend
  8. Packing Lists
  9. Gratitude List
  10. Books I Want to Read
  11. Video Games I Want to Play
  12. Movies I Want to See
  13. Christmas Shopping List
  14. House Projects
  15. Home Maintenance
  16. Topics You Want to Learn More About ‘
  17. People to Contact
  18. Appointments to Make
  19. Shopping Wish List
  20. Birthdays to Remember

There are a variety of tools that you can use to track these lists.  However, I still find the best way to start is pen and paper.

Lists to make to keep organized
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