5 Lessons I’ve Learned Managing Technical Teams

Hi everyone! Hopefully you had a good start to the week. This was probably the most tiring Monday that I’ve had in a long time. I had meetings from 9AM to almost 6 PM. Two projects had sprint planning sessions, and I was prepping for two others tomorrow. I am pretty exhausted, and I still have to work on my final MBA project for my Investment Analysis class.

In the morning, I had my makeup and hair done. However, as the day progress, my makeup started fading away, and my hair started getting messier and messier. By the time, I was able to film, I was too exhausted to touch up my makeup and redo my hair. I apologize for that, but I think you can understand. All of us have days like this.

Today I dealt with all my technical teams, and so I knew that I wanted to make a video on managing teams full of technical experts. In my career, I have worked with super-intelligent people, and I have learned so much from many of them. These are five lessons I have learned working with these subject-matter experts.

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