5 Ways to Learn Math When It’s Your Weakest Subject in School

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Math is not one of my strengths. When I realized that Statistics was the next class in my MBA program, I knew that I needed to work twice as hard. We had our second class this past Wednesday, and I knew that I had to come up with a study plan. It doesn’t help that I am listening to half of the class in the car while taking my son to Boy Scouts. However, I know that I am in control of doing well in this Math class, so there is no excuse. These are five ways that I am making sure that I understand the material in my weakest class, and I always tell my kids to do the same.

Khan Academy

I am always making sure that my kids study for Math quizzes and tests using Khan Academy, so I knew that it would also work for me. It is one of the best learning tools out there. The instructors do a great job of laying out the materials in a way that anyone can understand. The interactive quizzes with gamification make you want to keep trying. 

Math is Fun

I found the Math is Fun site years ago for my kids. It’s one of the only sites that have a wide variety of math lessons for all ages. It’s a simple site, but you don’t need an elaborate web site to get you to learn.


YouTube is great. I just learned this morning how to fix my frozen water dispenser in my refrigerator. You can spend countless hours learning on YouTube. I am using it now to learn about statistics.

Study Group

In my second MBA class, four people in my cohort and I created a study group. We continuously texted ever since that class ended. One of them had a great idea to continue the study group for this class. Everyone was on board. Learning in a group can really help because if you have a question, there is someone in the group who probably has the answer. I am lucky that these people are all friendly, smart, and have that “we are in this together” mentality.

Reach Out to the Professor/Teacher

If all else fails, I know that I can reach out to my professor to get help.  He wants all of us to succeed so he is there to help.

Always try a mix of learning tools to get a grasp of a skill. I always tell my kids that with the internet, they do not have the same struggles I had when I was younger. I either had to wait until I had class next to ask the teacher something or go to the library and hope the book I needed was there. I am grateful to be working on my MBA during this time because there is always help from my professor, my peers, or online.

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