My daughter and I headed to Fredericksburg to spend time with her half-sister. For a few months, Isabelle has wanted to check out the antique shops in Downtown Fredericksburg. I was definitely on board to do that because that was my favorite thing to do when I lived there. We had to be at her half-sister’s house around 2:00 p.m. so we arrived in Downtown Fredericksburg at 12:00 p.m.

The parking there is super easy. There are other towns and cities that take awhile to find a parking spot. Not here, I found a premium parking spot right in the middle of town. This is a huge deal for me because I have the worst luck when it comes to finding parking. It might cause I am super impatient.

We walked down the street and entered antique shops. Downtown Fredericksburg is my favorite place in Virginia to find antiques. Every block has a couple of antique shops.

downtown fredericksburg
visiting downtown fredericksburg

Isabelle wanted to make sure to visit one specific antique shop that has a creepy clown costume that she says it’s similar to American Horror Story’s Twisty. However, it seems someone bought it or they moved it because it was no longer there.

fredericksburg antique shop

We still saw some great items. There were some great clothing pieces from different eras. Also, the numerous toys that you no longer see around. I was about to get a rental truck because the antique furniture made me want to spend and spend.

antique furniture fredericksburg

We really had a great time together looking around the different antique shops. There was one that creeped us out. We were heading upstairs when we felt a vibration and started getting sick. Isabelle turned to me and said, “Mom, I feel weird up here so let’s get out of here.” I was happy to. Isabelle thinks there is a cursed object up there. I think it’s a portal to a parallel universe. You have to have a sense of imagination in these places.

Other than the upstairs of that antique shop, all the others were breathtaking.

antique shop fredericksburg
downtown fredericksburg antique shop

It was about 100 degrees so we decided to go to a cafe. Isabelle found a cute one that was in an old church. We got iced coffees and blueberry cake. Everything was delicious.

fredericksburg coffee shop

We had a great time and spent some quality mother-daughter time.

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