How to Succeed at Work by Taking Personality Tests

Podcast Transcript

Hi, everyone. Hopefully, you’re having a wonderful week. I am someone who loves personality tests. I don’t know why it is. But I think it’s because I used to read a lot of fashion magazines and teen magazines when I was a preteen teenager, and they are always having some type of quizzes in there that you have to take. They’re like little fun quizzes. And so since then, that is my thing. I love quizzes. I love personality tests. And I like them because it really, you get to know yourself. And it really helps for you to do that, especially in your life, and as well as your career. And so, I wanted to discuss some of the personality tests that I have taken that you might consider taking. I think it has definitely helped me in my career; it has helped me understand my strengths and some of the areas that I need to work on. I will go ahead and let you know the personality tests that I have taken in love. And maybe you should consider taking them as well.

Ikigai Test

The first one is the Ikigai Test. Hopefully, I said that correctly. And Ikigai means a reason for being. What I like about it is that you take the test, breaking it down into four areas. And then, in the middle, it will show you what type of career you would like. So one area is like what you love. The other one is the world needs, what you can get paid for and what you’re good at. And then it will break it down even more. And I’ll say like my passion is your mission, your vocation, and your profession. And then what you are. So for me, The first one is the Ikigai Test. Hopefully, I said that correctly. And Ikigai means a reason for being. You take the test, and it is broken into four areas. It will show you what type of career you would like in the middle. The four areas are: What you love; What the world needs; What you can get paid; and What you’re good at. So I’ll say my passion is your mission, vocation, and profession. When I took it, I was an Artistic Thinker. It also indicates that I probably would love the types of jobs: being astronomer, storage and distribution manager, a makeup artist, or theatrical performance. It’s true because I am in management. If I had to do my life over again, I would definitely have done something more artistic. I used to love fashion, I kind of I’m not really into it as much anymore. But I would definitely have become a fashion designer or worked as a PR for fashion. It’s a great test to help you delve deeper into knowing yourself.

The Color Test

The second one is the Color Personality Test. You take it, and it tells you what color you are. If you want to get more in-depth, they have a paid one. I was the color red, which meant I was a leader or promoter, which I feel I am because, as I said, I’m in management, I really strive to be a great leader. And also, someone who promotes helps to coach helps to help other people may feel like, ” Oh, what you’re doing is what you’re good at. So I really love that personality test as well.


The third one is one that I did at my previous company. They actually stopped doing it because some people complained that they felt stereotyped, which I thought was a disservice. After all, it was actually helping you in your career. And one of the things that are said Was it has four areas, and it would say okay, like sometimes like the polar opposite of you, people tend to not really get along, there’s conflict there, or people tend to hire people who are just like them. So this actually made us even more mindful that we don’t want to hire people who are just like us. So instead of getting frustrated with the person who’s parallel to us, we would work with them. I just felt that I didn’t understand why people were saying that, but again, maybe I’m someone who doesn’t really get offended easily. I never really understand this whole everybody’s very like touchy about a lot of things, so that’s probably why I didn’t get it, but that one is called DISC.

DISC is for each area, so I got ‘D,’ and on it, it shows like where you are, and I was actually “dominance.” I believe it was influencer that is the ‘I’ was leaning towards that, and that was truly great because it went along with the color test, which said that I was a leader and promoter. So it shows you that it isn’t making this up. It probably isn’t like the fashion magazine quizzes that I was telling you about, like these actually are people who are like, like researchers, people who study habits and behavior. And they’re developing these tests. So these tests are legit. So definitely take them to take the chance to take them and a lot of them you can find for free.

Big Five

The other one that I learned from my MBA class, I took an Organizational Behavior class, was probably my favorite class. And the professor let us know about the Big Five personality test. And it basically shows markers of extraversion, emotional stability, agreeable agreeableness, conscientiousness, intellect, and imagination, and it shows where you fall in those factors.

For me, it was just being conscientious, which is what I definitely am, someone who’s always trying to make sure that I learned more about myself, know more about people, try to see how I can help others and stuff. So that really made sense that I got conscientiousness, and then the one that followed after that is intellect imagination. And I am very, sometimes I think I overanalyze, and I’m an overthinker. So it made sense, but it’s something that I definitely work on. But that one is also a good one to take is the Big Five personality tests, then there’s the pan s scale. And that is the positive and negative effects schedule, to see how positive and negative you’re feeling in the state you are in. So it helps with just knowing where you’re at right now, like what type of strong emotion you’re feeling. So that was really good, because his feelings, like if you’re interested distress, are you excited, upset, sad, those type of things like where you are on the positive kind of emotions and where you are in the negative. And that will help you really understand what you need to work on. There was also the new general self-efficiency scale test. And it’s good because you can see where your strengths are in achieving your goals, and if there are any difficulties, so I would definitely consider taking that one as well.

Holland Occupation

Then there’s also the Holland Occupation. It seems very similar to the Ikigai, but it’s just more scoped into the middle part. I just felt like those two are very similar. But it said the same thing as when I took the guy said I was like artistic, he said the same something with the Holland.


Then there is the VIA, which stands for values and action inventory. It really lets you know what your values are. One of the things that I do in my coaching is that I teach you that your values and strengths are areas that you want to define because they will help you understand what is internally important to you and what your strengths are in meeting those goals. And that will help you with that. Because if you don’t know your value, what is important to you what your strengths are, you’re going to have a hard time reaching those goals. So that is the last one that I wanted to discuss.

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