Learning How to Pivot When You Feel Stuck

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up

Robert Tew

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching. As with many people, these times have taken a significant hit on my mental health. Many of us feel stuck from talking with people and seeing other people’s posts on social media. We are feeling as though we are not moving anywhere in all aspects of our lives.

Earlier this year, I decided to move to Tampa. But, the real estate is insane right now. One of the reasons is that many of us have realized that we can work from anywhere, so why not move somewhere with a lower cost of living and better weather? Another is that we have been working from home with our other family members at home. We have realized that we need more space. My sister and I went down to Tampa. I found the perfect home and was signing the contract. But, the builder wouldn’t accept it due to me not having my current home sold. I thought that was a bit insane, being that the house wasn’t going to be ready until Fall. Real estate is like it was in 2008—low inventory and bidding wars. People are offering cash, and so I knew that I would sell my home quickly. But, I wouldn’t be in bidding wars. Where was I going to live? I made the decision to remain in my home. I love my home, but I just wanted to be someplace new. It could also be that traveling has been nonexistent, so maybe this was also due to that. To make my home feel like a new one, I have painters coming tomorrow to paint the entire home. The great thing is that they will change all the door handles and light fixtures that I want, so I am taking advantage of that. Following Monday, I am getting the carpet cleaned. I will then start working on changing some of the decors.

I have also been so busy with work and the baby that being consistent in my side hustle and hobbies has been wishful thinking. The baby and I have been sick almost every week since November. I have been sleep-deprived since last May when the baby was born that. When he finally does go to bed, I am exhausted. With my kids, I was a single mom. However, their dad would come and get them every other weekend. I also lived with my parents for about five years and had my sisters, so I had a lot of help during their early years. It’s much more challenging when you are practically alone, and his parents barely help. It’s like Lauren Lake says on Paternity Courts; that is why babies shouldn’t be having babies. Even with the sleep deprivation, being sick, and not having any help, I am beyond happy and blessed to have this baby in my life. He brings me so much joy. During this pandemic, I was blessed to have him offer a bit of happiness when I was not happy.

I’m also burnt out. I’ve gotten more responsibilities at work, and I haven’t taken off as much as I should. My sister told me that I have to take days off when the baby is in daycare, so I will do that. I am taking three days off to rest and not think about work so I can rest mentally. Now that the museums are opening up, I might go to DC and finally go to the African American Museum and the American Indian Museum. I’ll go check out a restaurant I have been dying to try and just relax.

I have also gained weight during this pandemic. This has also been tough for me. I realized that I am overeating, so I decided a meal prep company will help. This will also help me in my goal to stop eating out so much. Therefore, I subscribed to BistroMD. I will keep you posted in telling you how that goes.

It has made me think about my side hustle that I hope to turn into a full-fledged business one day. I love being in project management, but I am not passionate about being my side hustle. This is another reason that I have not been consistent. I follow many entrepreneurial-minded women. A few of them had talked about how when they started, they were in another industry that aligned with their 9-to-5. However, they quickly realized that is not what they were passionate about. I am at that point.

Therefore, I am pivoting to what I love. This is productivity, work/life balance, life with young adults and a baby, and personal finance. From time to time, I might discuss project management, but it won’t be to the extent that I have been. I want to try new gadgets and tech to help me reach a work/life balance to enjoy my time with my family.

The significant part about being alive is that you can always start again. You can change your mind and realize that you now want to do this or that. Even if things don’t go your way, you can still find a way to look on the bright side of things. I wanted to move, but now I have gotten an enormous opportunity at work because I am in the DC area. I will then make my house feel new to feel like I just bought a new home. After the painters and carpet people come, I will move the baby into his own room (with blackout curtains) so that both of us can sleep better. I will also write blog posts and make videos on topics that I am super passionate about. I might lose some followers who like my project management content, but I have to be true to myself just like you should. Life isn’t always the way you want it to be, but you can pivot and find ways to make it as close to how you wanted it in the first place.

I have been feeling stuck so I found how not to be.
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