Mental Health Staycation After Job Burnout

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I decided to take almost the entire week off because I am tired. And one of the best things that any mom who has their baby in daycare should do is take a couple of days off while the baby is in daycare. Because usually, during the holidays, the daycare is also closed. So you never really get that break unless you take a day or two off or even longer, depending on what you need when the baby’s in daycare. So I decided to spend my last day before going to work on Monday doing a blog type of video. So you can spend the day with me and how I’m relaxing during my little staycation. Because one thing about me, as I said in my previous video, is I’m terrified of bugs, and they’re cicadas everywhere. Ooh, God, they’re like all over. I can’t really go outside because I’m just terrified. So I’m just having my little staycation at home. This is a day of my life while I relax. I

I Am trying to work out at least three times a week because I really want to lose weight with COVID. And then, as well as just with age, I just gaining and gaining weight and nothing. It isn’t my fault because I love food, but I decided that there was no better way to start my staycation but to get a good workout in before starting the rest of the day [inaudible]

I came home, and after dropping the baby off at daycare, I went and got gas. And then I also went to target. So got a few things, nothing major. I’ll just show you what I got. So for my little self-care day, which everyone should do, I decided to get myself a face mask. Cause I love these things. And then I saw this as a manicure mask, and believe me, I need it. And then I got the baby more pacifiers. Cause I don’t know. It’s like socks. I don’t know what this child does with all the pacifiers that I get him. I went and got more done. Cause it seems like we’re constantly washing dishes. So I got some also just like the pacifiers. I got socks because, like I said, I don’t know where the hell socks go, but that’s also for like us adults and stuff that my sell some Beano. Cause I usually try to drink wine only on the weekends. It’s a Friday, so I’m drinking wine. And then I got him to happy baby teeth. There’s this one that has like low metals. Like, there are not that many metals in these teasers. So I got him these because he likes those. So now let me go upstairs and take a shower and do my masks, whatever you want to call it. And my face mask. So

I took a shower, and now I’m going to open these up. I’m going to go first for the face mask because I don’t think I’m going to be able to put this on. Unless I do this and someone who’s getting old and needs glasses, they make the prince a little, for some reason, this helps. So, okay. So 20 minutes, I once had to put this on while my grandson was in the tub. Oh my God, boy screen bloody Mary. I had to take it off cause he was really terrified. Okay. So got that on.

And again with the small print. Oh, this one has it here. I think it’s 15 minutes. I have never done this before. So I’m so excited to try it. And if it’s something I’m like all about, like I do this, try to do this like every week, like once a week I kind of do like a face mask. So this is pretty cool. Then I’ll definitely do this as well. Look at that. It has like the treatment inside. I have Google home all over my house. So it’s really nice because instead of trying to get my phone to work, I can just say, Hey, Google set a timer for 20 minutes. All right. 20 minutes.

So now I make myself one inch, and I’m going to watch a little bit of YouTube in a movie and just relax. So I’ll see you after I pick up Mr. Giovanni.

Okay. So as you see, I am back from picking up Mr. Giovani.

Let me see what my son says. Cause, of course, right. When I’m about to go into the little play area, my son texts me. So I have different sounds for each of my kids. And so I know that it’s him contacting me. One

The thing to show you is I installed the gate before. It was fair because I had it for this. But then, now that I have the baby, he’s trying to climb up. So this he’s in a really crappy mood. So he has decided to go down to one nap, and I gave the daycare a new schedule, but hopefully, they’ve been following it, but yeah, messy. He’s been really, really like in a crappy mood when he goes, say hi, and he’s going to start trying to touch it because that’s what he does. I was trying to find the things for the stand that I can’t find them. So this is what we usually do when we get back from daycare: we just go ahead and play. And as you see, he has toys and tries to switch them out. So right now, not all his toys are showing, trying to switch them out. But this one in front of the camera, I guess just go ahead and put this down so I can go ahead and spend time with my grandson before

Oh my God. What do you mean? So much attitude huh? Oh, the turtle, the turtle. Where’s the turtle.

No, no, no. Don’t touch. So I put the baby to sleep. Re-Read a book, and now he’s in bed. And so I wash my face, and I am tired, but not exhausted. Like I have been. So I definitely was suffering from job burnout. I was so exhausted, but now I feel so rested. So now I’m going to watch The Conjuring 3 cause I love horror films and probably watch something on Shutter, or check out YouTube. But that was a day of my staycation. Let me know if you would like to see more videos like this. 

mental health days are needed for working parents to destress

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