I wanted to show you the differences between Google Calendar and the Apple Calendar. I’ve been using both apps for years I prefer Google Calendar for when I’m on the web. Still, when I’m on my phone, I prefer Apple Calendar. One of the main reasons that I prefer Apple Calendar on my phone is because I can add travel time to any appointment. It’s helpful because then I don’t have to be late for an appointment and then worry that I won’t get there on time and so that is something that I use regularly. It also connects to Waze, which is my main navigation app. The reason that I use Google calendar for the web is just that I have created all my calendars on there. So I can get a view of all my calendars. The other thing that I have done is that from my work calendar, I use Microsoft Flow to copy over my work calendar to Google calendar. Please check out the video let me know what calendar app you use.

I use both Google Calendar and Apple Calendar and love both of them for different reasons

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