School has started again, and I am working full-time, as well as working on getting my YouTube channel up and running. Therefore, time is as vital as ever. A time management book (I wish I could remember the name) said to think about what your hourly wage is. If there are tasks that you dislike, then consider outsourcing if it’s going to save you time. If you think about it, time is money. Therefore, you are actually saving money if it’s less than your hourly wage. A win, win for you! It will also be for the people around you because you will be happy and more relaxed.

Calculating your hourly wage is dependent on what you think it is. If you believe you are worth $1,000 an hour, then go for it. The way I calculated mine was that I thought about my current yearly salary. I then added an additional 25% on top of that because I always think I should get paid more (EVERYONE SHOULD). After I have that number, I divide it by 52 (weeks). I then divide again by 40 (hours). My hourly wage came out to be $80/hr. Therefore, if I can outsource tasks that are worth less than $80/hr, then I go for it.

Here are some of the tasks that I have decided to outsource.

Grocery Pickup

I use Harris Teeter’s pickup. I select my grocery items online. After I have everything I want, I choose a date and time. For pickup, it’s $4.95. If you have a prescription, then the pickup fee is waived. I usually have a monthly prescription, so it comes out to be $14.85 a month. If I do the math, then that comes out to be $0.086/hour. I love picking my grocery items, but I really dislike going into the store. I usually will spend about two hours at the grocery store. Therefore, I am saving almost $160 a month using this service. Other services allow you to do pick up or delivery. It’s really up to you.

House Cleaning Service

I will admit that I am a massive clean freak. I can spend hours cleaning the house. Cleaning helps to relax me because I don’t have to think so all thoughts that are running through my brain stop. However, that is an issue. I spend HOURS cleaning the house. Therefore, I was spending 1-2 hours a day cleaning. Don’t get me started on winter and spring cleaning. Consequently, I decided to try a cleaning service. I’ve had bad experiences in the past, so I decided to use Amazon’s deep cleaning service. No strings attached. The cleaning contractors came in, and they were terrific. They cleaned better than me! Therefore, I decided to have them come twice a month. The best part is that it’s only $90 each cleaning. This comes out to $180 a month. They spend 3-4 hours cleaning the house when they come, which results in 6-8 hours a month. The house remains clean for two weeks. I do spot cleaning in-between, but that is usually less than 30 minutes every two days. I save about $460 a month.

Doggy Day Camp

I work from home almost 100% of the time, so the dogs are with me the entire day. My little Pekalier can relax next to me and not move unless I do. My German Shepherd is 18-months old and is filled with energy. If it’s a nasty day outside or I am going to be too busy to entertain, I take her to Doggy Day Camp for half a day (six hours). This helps socialize and exercise her, as well as keep my stress levels down. It is only $18 a session, so I take her 2-3 times a month. She loves it, and I can focus on my work without having to get annoyed when she paces back and forth. This is $144 a month. With this one, I will say it’s saving more than I can calculate because my German Shepherd is happy, and I am as well.

These are some of the tasks on my to-do list that I have outsourced. It has helped me be happier, less stressed, and more productive. Think about what you can have others do, so you are not feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. Believe me, you will find one or two things.

outsource your tasks to be more productive and stress free

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