Should You Get the Google Project Management Certificate?

Hi everyone. So I spend time talking about the PMP in the past. And for those who don’t know, the PMP is usually the gold standard for certifications when it comes to project management. But one thing that I found out last year, and it’s taken me a while to make this video, is that Google is now going to be providing career certificates. They already do for IT Support Specialist. But now they’re going to start, um, having certificates for the data analyst, project manager, and UX Designer. And these certificates are supposed to be equivalent to a four-year college. And that is something that has been, um, pretty much on all platforms. Uh, people have been discussing is, is college even necessary anymore. And with student loans and some people not being able to afford college, I think that these certificates are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to spend four years in college or can’t afford it.


So I wanted to go over these certificates, mainly the project manager one. So let’s get started. Hi everyone. And before we get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Shevonne, and I do management productivity and organization videos. If you liked this type of video, consider subscribing, hitting the notification, bow, letting a friend, and signing up for the newsletter. And now, let’s go ahead and delve into what this Google’s certificate for a project manager is. So these certificates are not available yet. Um, so if you want to get notified, when they do become available, they have a pop-up right here. I’m going to hit notify because I am interested in what they’re going to look like. And so I’m going to


And that is super quick and easy. So then you can just X out of here, and then we can go ahead and start looking at the certificates. So they say that you can get these certificates. It takes six months to complete. I saw that some people that did it in about three to six months. So that’s pretty good. No previous experience is required. One thing is, is that the instructors and the materials are all from Google. So they’re all Google employees, and the courses will be in Coursera. Uh, if you haven’t used it, it’s a pretty good learning platform. And then there will be grants and scholarships available. So I was wondering how that would look like. So I went to it Google one, and it seems like when you are enrolling, you can just click here as is financial aid available.


And then, you can go to the application. And I’m assuming that this financial aid is also where you can apply for a scholarship. Don’t want to click on that because I don’t want them to think that I want a scholarship, but if I find out more information, I’ll put in the notes below, or I’ll, uh, put it on a blog post. If I’m incorrect, from what I’m seeing has it takes like three to six months. They’re estimating that to get the certificate, it’ll be about $300 to get it. And so that’s something that pair to college and also the PMP that’s pretty cheap. Uh, and also like if you can’t afford it, they’re awarding about 1 million need-based scholarships to cover the fees, and they’re going to be worth about 10 million. So that’s pretty cool when you get the certificate. One thing that Google is offering is that you will be connected to one of the more than 50 employers that have signed on to provide jobs, which I think is pretty good.


Good. Because you know, sometimes one thing that frustrates me, especially when you’re first starting out, is that you’ll see these ridiculous job descriptions where Phil says like, Oh, we just need you to do data entry or something, but we need you to have a four-year college degree. We need you to have 40 different certificates and have like four to five years’ experience. And so I remember when I was starting out, I used to get pretty frustrated because I was thinking like, how in the world am I supposed to sit there and get a job if they’re coming up with these ridiculous requirements for an entry-level position. So I think that’s pretty cool that Google already has like employers that they’re connecting, uh, people who get these certificates with, and some of them are Walmart best buy Intel bank of American Hulu. The other thing that I like about the certificate is providing a pathway for underrepresented groups.


And it seems like, from the IT certificate, they already have data. And 58% of them are black, Latino female, or veterans. So I’ll probably get the project manager certificate just to let you know about my experience, and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two. Um, it’s always good to learn from other project managers. And it seems like those are the people that will be teaching the course from Google. So I’ll probably take it, even though now I’m looking at this article, and of course, things can change because this was from last year and 2021, and they still haven’t released it. So I’m assuming that Google is still tweaking it. This one says it will take eight months, even though on the website takes six months. It could be, I’m assuming Google tweaked it to be six months. I don’t know. But it seems like you have to invest eight to 10 hours a week on the course assignments, labs, and quizzes, which I’m going to tell you is nothing.


Because with the PMP, I think I studied two hours a day, seven days a week. I didn’t take a break. So that was like 14 hours. And maybe it was just me because there are people that have different experiences and some people I’ve heard, they take a month to study and they can pass the PMP. Those people, to me, are geniuses because I couldn’t do it. It took me over six months to study for the PMP. But I think that is not a bad investment to make because right now, I’m setting for my Azure fundamental certification, and I’m investing about one to two hours a day, depending on how the day goes, and that is equivalent. Um, and I’m usually just investing like, um, five or six days instead of the seven, like I did for the PMP. And so that’s pretty equivalent to this.


So that is really nothing, especially if they make it interactive. And usually, Coursera does an excellent job at that. So, um, I’m also assuming, um, from other coursework courses that I’ve taken and also taken like some from other, uh, learning platforms that they will also have probably like a forum or type of group where you can connect with others who are taking the certificate. You can probably even start some like online study groups, which is pretty cool. Or if someone has a question about something in the material, another person can answer. So I hope that they have that just as I’ve seen in other Coursera courses that I’ve taken. Yeah, I just wanted to quickly let you know if you haven’t heard about this certificate. Here is the Google career certificate. And for those who are more focused on data or UX design, you also have those certificates that are coming up as well.


And they also, as I said, already have IT support specialist. So you have that one, if you’re focused on IT, support. When I learned more information about the certificate, I will post either a blog or another follow a video, and let’s see, I mean, Hey, if a certificate that is only going to take three to six or even eight months to complete is equivalent to a four-year college. You actually are connected to a job right after you finish. I think it’s well worth looking into, so, yeah, so I just wanted to quickly let everybody know about the Google career certificates. If you have any questions or any comments, just please let me know in the comments below. And I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and for those on the East coast who are dealing with this freezing weather, and I think we’re supposed to get snow on Sunday, just stay warm, and I’ll talk to everyone next week.

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