My 2020 Year in Review and 2021 Yearly Goals

2020 is probably one of the only years that I can say that everyone worldwide had to deal with changes, whether small or large. I came into the year making plans to explore a new place every weekend and travel to Panama with the baby to see the family over there, especially my grandmother. My son was graduating high school, and I had a huge sit-down lunch planned after the graduation ceremony. I also graduated this year, and I was excited to walk, which I didn’t do for my college graduation. Well, as we all know, things didn’t go according to plan.  

I read articles this week and saw one on Tim Ferriss’s approach to looking at the year in review. Decided to do what he suggested in listing the events, people, and things that impacted you during the year, negatively and positively.  

I will start with the Cons and then end with the Pros (good way to end with the positive).

2020 Cons

  1. Suffering from severe depression 
  2. Fear of getting Covid and having the worst symptoms 
  3. My peer in my MBA cohort passing away from stomach cancer 
  4. Not being able to have the traditional high school graduation ceremony for my son
  5. Not being able to walk for my MBA graduation 
  6. Being cooped up in the house 
  7. Sleep deprivation due to having a newborn in the house
  8. My daughter refused to get help for her mental health issues 
  9. This caused her to decide she didn’t want to be a mother anymore 
  10. Not going to Panama 
  11. Insane amount of workload 
  12. Not being able to take the two-week medical leave so I could focus on the baby and so being sleep deprived caused job burnout and depression 
  13. Not losing as much weight as I wanted 
  14. Having to put the blog, YouTube channel, and podcast on the backburner 
  15. Having to give my German Shepherd back to the breeder but knew it was for her own good. With Covid and becoming the baby’s primary caretaker (with no help), I wasn’t able to give her the time she deserved 
  16. My ceiling leaking. Still waiting to see if my homeowner’s insurance claim is approved 

2020 Pros

  1. My grandson being born 
  2. Getting my MBA
  3. My remodeled kitchen 
  4. Finally getting the ceiling painted in the living room.
  5. Having a job 
  6. Having insurance 
  7. Not having to worry about money.
  8. Finding a good daycare for my grandson
  9. Getting custody of him. I didn’t think I would cause I was the grandparent, so I thought I would only get guardianship. Found an excellent attorney that was able to make it happen.
  10. Going to a lakehouse for a few days when I was finally able to take a vacation
  11. Having my niece and nephew come to help me for two weekends in a row when my daughter decided to not be a mother, and I had to juggle a demanding job, finishing school, and an infant.
  12. Maintaining as much as I could
  13. Being able to deal with my depression 
  14. Having my son’s high school do a fantastic way to celebrate the seniors even without a graduation ceremony. 
  15. Losing weight
  16. Cutting my hair short and loving it 
  17. Finally, replacing the toilet in my kids’ bathroom. 
  18. Saving the amount of money that I wanted to 
  19. Having a wonderful Christmas after skipping last year’s 
  20. Getting a bonus at work 

2021 is a year to continue achieving the goals that I had laid out in my five-year plan that I created when I was 40. I have made tweaks because there were life changes that I didn’t expect, but that is how it usually goes with the longer-term goals. You will have to make some updates to them.  

For my goals, I am using Microsoft To-Do. I have been using Microsoft products more and more. After looking at the different Task Management apps, I decided that was the best one. They still have to get an IOS14 widget, but I found a workaround for using my iPhone Reminders and Power Automate. 

My life categories are:

  1. Family
  2. Health
  3. Career
  4. Personal Finance
  5. Intellectual
  6. Spiritual
  7. Social 

2021 Family Goals 

Covid made it hard for young adults to find a job. With people losing their jobs, there was more competition. My son worked at the theater for over a year, but we all know how Covid has affected that industry. I’ve been pretty understanding about him not being able to find a job quickly. However, he needs to get one cause lounging around, playing video games, and eating has gotten old. My goal concerning him was to stop supporting him as much as I have. I mean more about the extra perks like takeout. He did say that he wanted to start community college in the spring, so we shall see.

I love her for my daughter and will always be there for her when she finally accepted that she needs help. However, I can’t do anything more than that. When she turns 18 in July, I have already told her that she needs to move out. My therapist recommended I read “Walking on Eggshells,” which is how it is with her in the house. It’s gotten to the point where she treats the house like a hotel and only shows up to shower and eat. One day I will get more into details, but it’s becoming unbearable. My hope is that she will come to me and say, “Mom, I’m ready,” and she will actually get better for herself and her son. However, I know that I have no control over that. All I can do is pray. 

Hopefully, next year I can visit Panama and see my grandmother and the rest of my family. I hope that the vaccines work and all of us can be vaccinated by late summer. I am not sure if maybe it will be more like Fall/Winter cause of the baby. They haven’t tested the vaccine on children, so they will be the last ones to get vaccinated. 

2021 Career Goals

This year I want to become more technical because I want to become a Technical Advisor to our clients who they can trust to be honest and knowledgeable. Therefore, I want to get certifications in Azure and Cybersecurity. I also want to start coding again so I can get back into the technical side of things. 

At the same time, I want to restart my side hustle in Productivity Coaching.  

2021 Health Goals 

The only goal that I have is to lose 15 pounds by August. I already lost seven pounds, and I know that I can lose the rest. The holiday eating stagnated my weight loss, but at least I didn’t gain weight. When my niece and nephew came over, they had me exercise with them, which jumpstarted me exercising again. It also helps that I am running around the cause of the baby, so I should do it. 

2021 Money Goals 

One of the main areas I want to focus on is reducing my food spending. I am still in awe with people who say they have 3-4 people in their family and only spend $300 a month. What?! Even if you don’t eat out, I still can’t get to $300 a month.   

I just found out today that I was able to refinance the house to help with the budget. I want to pay off my debt, including my student loans. The repayment will start back up again after being deferred cause I was in school. 

One major life change that I am thinking about is relocating to Austin, TX or Tampa, FL. I still am not 100% if I will make the move especially if my dad’s prostate cancer returns. If it does, then it’s best if I remain in Northern Virginia. However, if I do, then I need to think about the relocation budget that I am not taking into account in my 2021 Yearly Budget.

2021 Social Goals

I was hesitant to create these goals because I don’t think we will return to a sense of normalcy until late 2021 or even 2022. However, I still want to have some experiences like going to a concert. It doesn’t have to be in person. I would be ok with a virtual one. I could get takeout from a Michelin restaurant instead of sitting down. 

I wish I could see my friends and do things with them, but I am not sure if that can happen. If anything, we can virtually see each other. 

2021 Intellectual Goals 

I want to read more books. One reason I didn’t reach my reading goal this year was because of school. Now that I am no longer in school, there is no excuse. I bought myself a Kindle Fire to have downstairs, so that will help. 

I also want to attend a professional conference. I have to do research on it, but I am assuming some good virtual ones next year. If you know of any, please let me know.

2021 Spiritual Goals

I want to continue reading the Bible and being a little bit more structured with my praying. I downloaded the Bible app, which is amazing. Every day, I spend 15 minutes learning more about the Bible and what the words mean.  

My 2021 theme is Stress Management by Positivity. I want to be more positive and manage my stress level better than I have. This year has challenged all of us, and I learned that things can usually get better by having a positive outlook.  

Well, here’s to 2021. I ordered some Bonchon, drink some champagne when the baby goes to sleep, and try to see if I can stay up until midnight. If I can’t, then I will say “Happy New Year” to everyone tomorrow. 

Talk to you in 2021!Β 

I am ready for 2021 but first before I do my next year's goals, I have to reflect on 2020.
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