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Creating goals for your life


Hi Everyone! So January is flying by. And one of the things that I wanted to talk about was what are my 2021 career goals since my early twenties when I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest, I’ve always been very focused on my goals, and I have a very tedious way of going through it. I first start with my vision statement. What do I want with my life? I do have life goals, the goals that I want to achieve before I pass, and then as well as I break it down to my five-year goals right now, I’m in the third year. And so I then break that down into the yearly goals to achieve those five-year goals. My last year’s goal was to get my MBA, which was my main career goal for 2020. And after I did that, I started thinking about what I want to do next.


And so that’s what I wanted to talk about and share with you today for those who don’t know me. Hello, my name is Shevonne, and I talk about management productivity and organizational videos, as well as I, sprinkled in there, what I learned as an online graduate student, and taking care of a baby while having this busy schedule that I have. So now that I’ve introduced myself, please hit the subscribe button to get more videos, hit the notification bell. So you’re notified and sign up for my newsletter. And now, let’s get to the video. So as I’ve said, I always have five-year goals, and I’m in year three. So after my MBA, my main goal was starting my own business. So that is something that I’m currently working on, but I still have my nine to five, and I love my companies. So that is something that I’m now debating.


Do I want to leave if my company takes off, not as something that we’ll focus on next year? Hopefully, you know, everything goes according to plan. But the one thing that I wanted to focus on was getting more technical. I’ve been working on a lot of cloud projects, and I sometimes feel like everything goes over my head; and I did have a video on here about managing technical teams. And so one of the things that now that my MBA is done is I want to start becoming more technical again. So I want to start getting certifications on Azure and getting back into coding, which I’ve always done more as a hobby, but I want to start learning how to talk that developer lingo. And so when I’m talking to my teams, I’m not just sitting there nodding my head, being like, what are they talking about?


So that’s something that I’m focusing on this year. So my first step is I’m going to get the Azure fundamental certification. So I’m going to start studying for that. Again, I started studying for it last year, but when I got custody of my grandson, I was just so overwhelmed. The Val was one of the things that I had to take off my plate because I couldn’t do work, school, taking care of a baby while also trying to get a certification. So now that I have more of a handle on things and my MBA’s complete, I can focus on getting them to certification so I can get the fundamentals on Azure. One thing is that because I’ve been working on these projects for a while now, I understand what my teams are talking about on a high level, but I want to get more in-depth knowledge.


So I can further understand what they’re discussing and be more of that technical advisor to my clients. So that is one of the first certifications that I want to get this year. The second certification that I want to get is Security+. I do eventually want to get the CISP. And I did talk to my MBA cohort because my MBA is in information security. One of the things that the school offered was to start the CISP boot camp, but at the moment, a lot of us, I think we’re just thrilled that our MBA was done and we didn’t just want to delve into something right away. So one thing that we have discussed is that when one of us feels like the time is right, they will reach out and then see who else is interested. And then, we can start as a study group together and get the CSSP together.


So that’s one of the things then the long-term goals that I want to do, but for now, the Security+  I can get one of our clients’ requirements. So even though, I’m not in that technical role, I still want to get that certification. And because my MBA was on information security, I feel like I’ve got kind of a grasp on that. Cause we learned a lot about information security. So that is something that I’m going to study for one thing I found out that there are now two Security+ exams, the 501 and the 601, which is the newer one. So I decided to get the 601. And the book that I want to get is not going to be released until January 27th. So that made it easier to decide on starting the Azure fundamental certification because I have to wait for that book to come out.


For the first quarter of 2021, I want to get those two certifications, the Azure fundamentals and security plus. And I’m going to create videos on how I study for those. I then want in the second quarter to start thinking about the intermediate certifications for Azure. So that is something that I’ll hold off on until the second quarter because I want to focus on these two certifications at first and start reading more content on these as well and start practicing coding, which is something I haven’t done in a while. My primary goal is to become more technical and be that technical advisor to my clients, as, as understand in more detail what my technical people are talking about. And then I mentioned starting my own business. So right now, it’s more of a passion project, but I want to turn it into an actual business.


So that is something that I’m going to be focusing on this year as well. So one thing that I learned is that I do not want to have many goals for the year because then I’ll never be able to say I have completed that goal. I want to make sure that I have two to three goals for each life category. And then in that way is more manageable to be able to complete those goals and create action plans for them and be able to say at the end of 20, 21, yay, I did it. And then, I can see how it feeds into my five-year goal. And if there’s any time that I have to make any modifications, I can. So for this year for my career is just becoming more technical. And then as well as turning my passion project into more of a side hustle, I do not think that this year I’m going to have a full-time business altogether. Still, I’m going to make strides to get there in probably next year or the year after that.


So I just quickly wanted to let you know what my 2021 career goals were. Please let me know what yours are. I’m going to go ahead and share a goal worksheet down below. So it’ll be in the description below. And that’s just how I create my goals. And hopefully, sharing with you will get you going in creating your goals if you don’t have any already. But I think all of us usually chores or most of us try to have some goals. I’m not someone who likes resolutions. Sometimes, people say resolutions, but I think it’s because they’re more high level, and there’s not a plan to attack those resolutions. So when you start creating a plan and start becoming consistent, then they become goals. So I hope that the worksheet does help you. And please let me know what goals you have, and we will chat soon. I’ll talk to you later and have a great week. Bye.

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