Last week I went over my approach to getting ready to take the PMP exam, and how it got me ready to take and pass it the first time. This week I talk about how to fill out the application. When I first saw the application, I was a bit frightened because it’s comprehensive.

PMP Requirements for Approval

The requirements to get your PMP application approved is dependent on your education level.

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher – If you have at least your bachelor’s degree, then you need three years of managing projects and 35 education hours.

High School or Associate’s Degree – If you have a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, then you need five years of managing projects and 35 education hours.

As you see, it’s only a two-year difference.

PMP Application Sections

The application sections are mainly:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Attained Education
  3. PMP Professional Experience
  4. PMP Education Hours

Take your time filling out the application because you want to make sure that it swiftly gets approved. When I submitted my PMP application, it was approved in about 1-2 weeks. For others, PMI might ask for additional information, and you have 90 days to submit the requested information.

PMP Application Approved

When your PMP application gets approved, then you have a year to take the PMP exam. This is you can take the PMP exam three times. If you fail, then you have to wait before reapplying again. However, you will not fail if you take your time filling out the application and studying and prepping for taking the PMP exam.

Next week I will discuss how to maintain your PMP when you get it. Please sign up to get updates.

How to fill out the PMP Exam Application so you can quickly get it approved

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