Letting Go of Things That Don’t Serve You

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Believe me, with this pandemic, I think many of us have started assessing our lives and just thinking about things. And I think for many of us, we are not the same people we were in 2019.

Busy as a bee seems to be the best way to describe many of us. We seem to have more and more that we are juggling, which makes it seem like it’s impossible even to have a little bit of time for ourselves. So let’s chat like old friends at a quaint, cozy cafe, talking about our lives and sharing productivity, time management, and organization tips. I have been a single mom for 20 years who went to college, climbed the career ladder with two babies, and is now a program manager at an IT consulting company at either went to business school while raising my grandson and is now here to share everything I have learned on how to be productive with a full plate with you. Welcome to the Productivity Pie Podcast.

So I wanted to discuss when it’s time to let go of something when it’s time to just let go.

I’m someone that it’s tough for me to do that. I was watching this awful movie. And my son came in when I commented how bad that movie was. And my son said, I never understand why you do that. Why do you continue torturing yourself watching something that you hate? And it really resonated with me? Because he’s right, why am I torturing myself? Like, why am I watching this horrible movie? Why am I continuing to read this crappy book? Why do I keep doing this to myself? So after you said that, I decided no more, I’m done, I am no longer going to do that. I am no longer going to continue doing things that no longer serve me. So I guess I’ve always been someone who has said, like, don’t give up. Just see it till the end. And I think many of us have been told that. But that has also caused us to be in situations when we’re unhappy, we are burnt out, we feel just overwhelmed. Because we’re doing things that we no longer want to do or ever wanted to do from the start.

Think about what your values are like, what do you value, don’t focus on values that you’ve gotten, or other places or from other people, like think about what you actually value and just be totally honest with yourself

and see

if what you’re doing aligns with that. And yes, I didn’t do the example of something small, like a book or a movie. But recently, I decided to stop doing YouTube videos and podcasts for my true crime channel that I had, I still have Instagram, and I’ll continue doing short videos like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. But I’m no longer going to do these long podcasts and videos that I was doing. And it was because, at the time that I did that, that’s what I wanted to do. It was a passion project of mine; I had the time to do it. I wanted to do it because I was at a low point, and I wanted something to spark that fire in me. But here we are in 2021. And I no longer feel that way. I felt like it was such a chore to do. And I was struggling to do it. And that’s when I realized that this was not what I wanted to do. I want to eventually leave my nine to five and focus on my productivity coaching business. I want to help people that has always been something that I have valued. I have always valued helping others. And

even as much as I love True Crime when I was sitting down and thinking about

Okay, what do I do during my free time because here I have this hectic 9-to-5. I have this 16-month-old toddler that is just bouncing off the walls. I wish I had the energy he has. And then, when I would put him to sleep, I was so damn exhausted. And then in my brain, I was thinking, oh my god, I have to do this, I have to do that, I had to do this, I have to do that. And that’s when I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed because I felt like I had to do all this other stuff for the true-crime channel that I started a couple years ago instead of focusing on what I wanted to do now and was aligned with my goals that I have set for myself. I think that a lot of us tend to do that. And I’m telling you.

Really think about what you want for your life, even if you have a goal, and I told this to my knees because I’m helping her, trying to focus, and understanding what she wants for herself. And we were talking about that. And I told her, I said, Yes, we can set a goal now. But one of the things about goals is you have to review them. And maybe in six months, a year, couple years, who knows later, you’re going to find out the person I am now doesn’t want to do that anymore. We all grow, we all change, we’re not; usually, we’re not going to be the same person we were a year ago. Believe me, with this pandemic, I think many of us have started assessing our lives and just thinking about things. And I think for many of us, we are not the same people we were in 2019 2020 was a craptastic year, and 2021 is not that far behind. I know that my mental health took a huge hit. And I know that I have talked to other people. And they have also felt the same way. 2020 was tough. And with that, it definitely changed us. It made us think about

what we want, what is not serving us, what is it we really want to do. And that’s why you see a bunch of people, like if you haven’t been listening to the news,

a bunch of people are quitting their jobs. Because here you have these companies who are still in 2019. And want people to do this and that and that, like go back to the office or have these schedules that they had before. People’s mindsets are now in 2021, after going through 2020, which was probably 10 years in itself, and 2021, they don’t want to go back to that. And believe me, I feel the same damn way. Thank God that I work at a company that they’ve always been massive advocates for remote working; they even told us we do not ever have to go back into the office. And I have gone back like one or two for like different summits with clients and with

one of some of our partners. And we were very spaced out. But that was one or two times this year that I’ve gone into the office. Other than that, I’ve been home. Yes, there are struggles with remote working. But if you can handle that, you’ll be fine. And so I think that that’s one thing, people finally realize what they want and what they don’t want. And companies need to catch up. Because they’re going to lose some fantastic, amazing people. If they keep thinking that people’s mindsets were back in 2019. They’re not. And so I want you to think about that. What is it you really, really want? What is it that you thought you wanted that you continue to do because you feel you have to that you don’t want to really do let go of that. And I’m telling you, you’re gonna wake up, and you’re gonna be like, Oh my god, I feel like a weight has been lifted. That is how I felt. I was so scared to let people down when I let go of the true-crime podcast and YouTube channel that I thought people would be like cursing me out. I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen. And I was in shock people was so understanding. And it just made me feel that I made the right decision. And when I woke up the next day, I felt great. And then that cloud that I had in my mind that I just could not get anything done when the baby went to sleep. It went away, and now I’m being so damn productive and getting things done. So

yes, let go. It will be okay. I promise you. Thank you so much for listening to the productivity pod podcast. Be sure to visit productivity pie comm to access the show notes, check out the videos, check out the other content. And also, if you can, please subscribe, give it a five-star rating and review, and I will talk to you next week. Bye for now.

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