Quick Guide: Using Your FitBit to Keep You Motivated

using fitbit to lost weight

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On Cyber Monday, my sister and I got FitBits. After comparing the different models, I went with the Charge 3. Smartwatches are still not something that I find valuable for my life (Disclaimer: This is just for me because I have talked to others that have found them tremendously helpful. I always have my phone with me so it’s not something that would help me). What I loved about the Charge 3 was:

  1. Analyzes my sleep
  2. Recognizes stairs climbed
  3. Period tracker
  4. Different types of exercise trackers
  5. Phone and email notifications

What I also love about FitBit, in general, is that it connects to MyFitnessPal, and I found an app that allows it to also sync to iHealth.

The other feature that I love is the community and gamification especially the Challenges.

FitBit Solo Adventures

If you prefer to challenge yourself, then you can do one of the Solo Adventures. There are different destinations in Yosemite where you can walk and reach different landmarks. It keeps you motivated to reach the finish line. However, when you have others along with you for the ride, it helps with the accountability piece.

FitBit Adventure Races

This is the same as Solo Adventures except that you do it with other FitBit users. I haven’t tried this yet, but I am starting it this weekend with a few people.

FitBit Challenges

This is for those with a REAL competitive streak (Me) who want to really battle others. You can choose One Day, Weekend, Weekday, etc. The first time I did it was with my cousin and godsister. My cousin cheated and put the FitBit on her dog (I’m joking), and she won. For this week, my godsister invited a couple of friends, and I added my sister and cousin. As it stands now, my cousin won, godsister is 3rd, I am 4th, and my sister is dead last. To her defense, she hurt her ankle because if not, she probably would have beat all of us.

FitBit Community

There is also a huge community on Fitbit where you can join groups and meet others. People are always looking for others to join challenges and adventures.

If you are trying to lose weight or need the motivation to move around more, this additional feature can help get you going. You can even a new friend or two. I lost five pounds this week because I was trying hard to get as many steps in as possible to beat everyone. I didn’t win, but I am proud of myself for moving around more than I usually do and losing weight.

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